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mybawlz was a very early user of the server.

2011-04-01 23:54:38 INFO mybawlz has logged in for the first time.
He also built most of the roads around /warp oldspawn.

He became moderator in one of our early votes.
2011-04-16 11:29:52 [INFO] [Owner] <Lostwave>: xRespawnTime won with 24 votes. 
2011-04-16 11:29:53 [INFO] [Moderator] <Klawth>: ah 
2011-04-16 11:30:00 [INFO] [Moderator] <mybawlz>: Woo hoo 
2011-04-16 11:30:01 [INFO] [Guest] <FrostyStar>: won what? 
2011-04-16 11:30:05 [INFO] [Owner] <Lostwave>: mybawlz came in second with 14. 
2011-04-16 11:30:07 [INFO] [Moderator] <xRespawnTime>: awesome 
2011-04-16 11:30:10 [INFO] [Owner] <Lostwave>: you are both moderators. 

Once he became moderator, we never saw him again. Not really, he checks in every now and again, but almost never.

Lostwave finally retired him in Dec. 2011:

2011-12-14 17:01:39 [INFO] User mybawlz has been demoted to Retired group on default ladder by lostwave