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Michael was a normal guy who once connected as everyone of us.

  • 2011-06-08 17:08:04 INFO michael67777 has logged in for the first time.

He Become a Citizen where he stayed for a long time. He was a kid about 13 years old but he played almost every day and was helpful and friendly. Lostwave asked FKae86 if he thought that Michael would make a good mod, and FK said that he was pretty good, but sometimes he had a childish streak.

2011-08-05 03:15:35 [INFO] [Operator] FKae86: 2 days ago lost asked me about michael to become mod..

Eventually FK agreed with Lostwave and though that he could be a Moderator so he was promoted.

2011-08-14 20:45:19 [INFO] Lostwave: can you handle the responsibilty 
2011-08-14 20:45:35 [INFO] michael67777: of course i can, dont doubt me :D 
2011-08-14 20:45:53 [INFO] michael67777: i enjoy helping people 
2011-08-14 20:46:05 [INFO] Lostwave: I have seen you be awesome, but I have seen you be immature too.... you need to be a professional 
2011-08-14 20:46:21 [INFO] Lostwave: you would need to be a kick ass member of this community. 
2011-08-14 20:46:25 [INFO] michael67777: ill joke less :/ 
2011-08-14 20:46:36 [INFO] Lostwave: you would need to help everyone.  And be a good example. 
2011-08-14 20:46:40 [INFO] Lostwave: can you do that? 
2011-08-14 20:46:49 [INFO] michael67777: ive already gone over this with fk 
2011-08-14 20:46:55 [INFO] Lostwave: I know. 
2011-08-14 20:47:00 [INFO] Lostwave: can you do it tho? 
2011-08-14 20:47:06 [INFO] michael67777: yes i know i can 
2011-08-14 20:47:07 [INFO] Lostwave: I am counting on you. 
2011-08-14 20:47:21 [INFO] michael67777: i wont mess up 
2011-08-14 20:47:30 [INFO] Lostwave: no bull... just help.  be patient with the kids and be nice to everyone. 
2011-08-14 20:47:38 [INFO] michael67777: i know 
2011-08-14 20:47:46 [INFO] michael67777: no crap from now on 
2011-08-14 20:47:54 [INFO] michael67777: i promise, i have to be serious 
2011-08-14 20:48:13 [INFO] [Owner] Lostwave: everyone welcome your new moderator!
2011-08-14 20:48:17 [INFO] [Moderator] michael67777: :D

Of course, since then he did help people, but his childishness never went away.

After he become too annyoing he was finally banned.

So it is because of michael67777, that the server has an age limit to become Moderator.