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Great_danexx joined right before the Moosedishes tragedy.

2011-06-01 12:57:17 [INFO] Creating empty config: \userdata\great_danexx.yml

Shortly after that (actually on Moosedishes day), he was promoted to citizen.

2011-06-07 19:50:53 [INFO] You changed player 'great_danexx' group to 'Citizen'.

Then on July 11th 2011 he got Superbuilder from the superbuild contest

2011-07-11 08:22:22 [INFO] [Citizen] great_danexx: erm, let me check
2011-07-11 08:22:23 [INFO] [Owner] Lostwave: You will probably need to clean up around the bottom a little
2011-07-11 08:22:35 [INFO] [Citizen] great_danexx: i know, this is the skeleton
2011-07-11 08:22:42 [INFO] [Citizen] great_danexx: probably
2011-07-11 08:23:06 [INFO] [Superbuilder] great_danexx: how tall is the shaft part?
2011-07-11 08:23:12 [INFO] [Citizen] keibro100: :D
2011-07-11 08:23:33 [INFO] [Citizen] keibro100: dane won? :D
2011-07-11 08:23:38 [INFO] [Superbuilder] great_danexx: brb, im packing
2011-07-11 08:23:40 [INFO] [Owner] Lostwave: there is no "won"
2011-07-11 08:23:41 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] great_danexx: /afk 
2011-07-11 08:23:46 [INFO] [Citizen] keibro100: oh
2011-07-11 08:24:03 [INFO] [Owner] Lostwave: 15 people could "win" if there were 15 people good enough.
2011-07-11 08:24:11 [INFO] [Citizen] keibro100: cool
2011-07-11 08:24:23 [INFO] [Citizen] keibro100: 2 of my friends are superbuilders now :D

But he didn't even realize it and went AFK. Then he finally realized it after he came back.

2011-07-11 08:26:11 [INFO] [Superbuilder] great_danexx: back, for now
2011-07-11 08:26:13 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] great_danexx: /afk 
2011-07-11 08:26:16 [INFO] [Citizen] keibro100: :D
2011-07-11 08:27:36 [INFO] [Superbuilder] great_danexx: is there a superbuilder manuel?
2011-07-11 08:27:42 [INFO] [Owner] Lostwave: not yet.
2011-07-11 08:27:51 [INFO] [Superbuilder] great_danexx: k XD

2 months later, he got Moderator

2011-09-15 19:41:52 [INFO] User great_danexx promoted to Moderator group

Once again, he didn't even notice for a while and went AFK.

2011-09-15 19:43:01 [INFO] [Moderator] <great_danexx>: huh?
2011-09-15 19:43:05 [INFO] [Citizen] <bobohotrod>: -_-
2011-09-15 19:43:05 [INFO] [Moderator] <great_danexx>: I was afk
2011-09-15 19:43:11 [INFO] [Moderator] <great_danexx>: ooo
2011-09-15 19:43:12 [INFO] [Citizen] <kevybevy>: OMG hes a mod!!
2011-09-15 19:43:13 [INFO] [Cit-Newbie] <mogiyakatori>: finally
2011-09-15 19:43:23 [INFO] [Cit-OG] <monkeynac>: great :OO
2011-09-15 19:43:24 [INFO] [Citizen] <bobohotrod>: YES! GREAT IS A MOD!
2011-09-15 19:43:29 [INFO] [Citizen] <kevybevy>: :OO
2011-09-15 19:43:30 [INFO] [Citizen] <bobohotrod>: Finally!
2011-09-15 19:43:31 [INFO] [Cit-Newbie] <~Angie>: omg
2011-09-15 19:43:34 [INFO] [Moderator] <great_danexx>: Thank you =]
2011-09-15 19:43:35 [INFO] [Owner] <Lostwave>: great dane, we got some work to do.

And he has been a true asset to the server since.

Because of a lack of activity, dane was retired by Lostwave in late december 2012.