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The Wild West is the Guest build area for Calypso. Everyone can build here, but once you make Citizen you should probably build at Cascadia as it will be a little safer. This is fontier land so you can build anywhere you want and do anything you want. If you don't want your stuff griefed, you need to protect your land by making a claim using Grief Prevention.

Keep in mind, if you don't protect your land, your build will likely be deleted to make way for another user to build on. Badly griefed builds will also be deleted, so if you want it to be kept... make sure to claim the land you are building on.

The Wild West is home to /warp build and is where everyone will go after they read the rules at /Spawn.

The Wild West is 3000x3000 blocks and will be expanded if necessary. It is located at 5000 N, 5000 W on the map..