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The server has always had a PVP arena located at /warp pvp, there is also /warp Arena.

The first one was in Lostwave-Museum at -165,175 on the map. It was ugly but it worked.

After that it was at FKae86's Colosseum in Lostwave-Museum, located at -4500,0 on the map.

Colosseum Colosseum

Then when Spawn3 was created, FK built a new pvp area. Not nearly as cool as the colosseum, but very functional. It still has not been completed. He also built some piston powered obstacles. This pvp was located at Spawn4 in Lostwave-Museum and again at Adventureland after Spawn4 was moved.

Eventually Lostwave moved FK's Colosseum to Spawn4 in Adventureland right behind the small one.

When Spawn moves to Calypso FK's Colosseum will be moved as well and that will be the new /warp PVP. Some time later the fighting groud was rebuilt. Many new obstacles were added as same a the nether imitation where you can actually fight. The top layer of the arena will be modified once in a while so you players don't get bored.

/warp Arena was the name of the first PVP area, we had so many warps then, it had two ways to get there.



/warp Arena was retired until January 2012 when Lostwave moved ITIurray1's hockey arena to Lostreef and made that /warp Arena. When Calypso is created /warp Arena and the Hockey Arena will be moved to one of the towns there (TBD).
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