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The VIP role was created for and named for vipcrook. He was the first person to donate to the server and since then several people have and they also got the level of VIP. VIP is a gift given to people who donate to the server, you do not buy the VIP level. When you are VIP you can still be kicked and banned and you do not get your donation back.

VIP is very similar to superbuilder, except that they can have a nickname, plus they also get the commands:
  • /unstuck - Escape from being stuck inside a block
  • /ascend - Go up a floor
  • /descend - Go down a floor
  • /ceil - Go to the celing
  • /thru - Passthrough walls
  • /jumpto - Teleport to a location
  • /up - Go upwards some distance

They may also get their own warp on the server if they would like one.

Current VIP's

Our VIP's are (as of 2015-03-17):