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Warp OldSpawn

Warp OldSpawn

Oldspawn is our very first spawn location in the Lostwave Museum world. it was changed a little bit since then. It used to be a little diamond block room with a few signs in it. Since then the room is gone, but the floor is still there. It was built out of diamond blocks because initially there was no big brother, residence or any sort of grief protection. Diamond was harder to break, so it was made out of diamond. Once bukkit was installed, a small store was created right across from the spawn which had wool. This was our first Art Store. There was also another store which could be warped to right up the way. It had building supplies. Before bukkit was installed, those supplies were just in chests and Lostwave had to constantly fill them up. Once bukkit was installed, free signs were installed which had an endless supply.

/warp spawn2 was created on April 5th 2011 to replace old spawn.

/warp oldspawn was still our main build area for a few months after this, until /warp spawn3 and the first /warp build was created.

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