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Spawn is the first place you go to when you join the server.

We have had several spawns over the years. You can still get to all of them by warps.

They are:
  1. /Warp Spawn1 - The first spawn of the server, known as OldSpawn.
  2. /Warp Spawn2 - The clausterphobic underground spawn.
  3. /Warp Spawn3 - A small castle spawn we used for a long time, known as NewOldSpawn.
  4. /Warp Spawn4 - Our impressive spawn built by Lostwave and FKae86.
  5. /Warp Spawn5 - Spawn4 was copied to Adventureland and modified over time. Its now in the museum.
  6. /Warp Spawn6 - Calypso spawn
  7. /Warp Spawn7 - New spawn built for Westeros

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