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The "other moose" started the server on April 16th 2011

2011-04-16 20:50:05 [INFO] RoomWithAMoose has logged in for the first time.

He made citizen April 18th.

2011-04-18 18:07:23 [INFO] You changed player 'RoomWithAMoose' group to 'Citizen'.

He won the vote to be the next moderator with FKae86, but he didn't join for a long time, so Boingoloid29 got his spot.

2011-05-19 17:35:26 [INFO] [Moderator] <boingoloid29>: u were going to be the new mod
2011-05-19 17:35:29 [INFO] [Moderator] <FKae86>: yea,, me boingoloid an u got promoted..
2011-05-19 17:35:30 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Captain_Tnarg: /tp supre
2011-05-19 17:35:38 [INFO] [Citizen] <RoomWithAMoose>: Seriously? Wow I haven't been on in forever... I feel bad now...
2011-05-19 17:35:43 [INFO] [Moderator] <boingoloid29>: but then u didnt come on so von promoted me

He finally became moderator on May 23rd.

2011-05-23 16:56:38 [INFO] [Moderator] <RoomWithAMoose>: Sorry, my internet is messing up

He was probably the only one happy about the Moosedishes tragedy.

2011-06-12 02:28:25 [INFO] [Owner] Lostwave: Dn't call him room... he is sensitive about it.  He is moose
2011-06-12 02:28:42 [INFO] [Owner] Lostwave: ;specially since the other moose is nothing but legend now

Because before Moosedishes got banned, everyone called him Room. Once Moosedishes got banned, he could be moose again, which is much better than room.

2012-09-14- was retired