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The respected level is for people who haven't been around for quite long enough to be an OriginalGangsta, but they have been around for a long time and should be respected. They are exactly the same as Citizen except they get the /I command to give themselves items, so they no longer need to go to the store. They can also /jump and /top. Otherwise they are citizens. Like OriginalGangsta, this level cannot be earned. If you are not one now, you probably will never be one. These are people who have been here since the Adventureland World. If you never played in Adventureland then you will never be Respected. Some people think this is for people who have been around for a year, that is NOT true. Its for people who have been around since that world.

Current Respected Players

Respected players are (as of 2012/08/15):
  • 4tun8TNgirl
  • bobohotrod
  • burritoking99
  • CalvinDewsnap
  • Correcting
  • dude22799
  • EvilAntEater
  • freakman111
  • frozenfatpig
  • Gbjark
  • halo839
  • killa969692
  • lukemac1
  • psinnreich
  • roreyman
  • timmymike
  • vip_AdvHaunted
  • warnedyou
  • zzzaaazzz