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dmhiston came on the server a little later than some.

2011-04-20 09:51:26 INFO dmhiston join the server for the first time.

He logged on a couple of times, then wasn't seen again until August 14th 2011.

But he quickly rose up the ranks. Of all users on the server, DM builds the best and most realistic houses (sorry everyone else).

2011-08-30 13:55:13 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Lostwave: /tp dmh 
2011-08-30 13:55:23 [INFO] [Cit-OG] <dmhiston>: hi lost
2011-08-30 13:56:05 [INFO] User dmhiston has been promoted to Superbuilder group on default ladder by lostwave
2011-08-30 13:56:28 [INFO] [Superbuilder] <dmhiston>: lost look from up here
2011-08-30 13:56:33 [INFO] [Superbuilder] <dmhiston>: :O
2011-08-30 13:56:39 [INFO] [Superbuilder] <dmhiston>: IM A SB
2011-08-30 13:56:43 [INFO] [Superbuilder] <dmhiston>: :D
2011-08-30 13:56:48 [INFO] [Owner] <Lostwave>: yes, you deserve it dm.
2011-08-30 13:56:54 [INFO] [Superbuilder] <dmhiston>: omg thanks lost
2011-08-30 13:56:58 [INFO] [Superbuilder] <dmhiston>: :D
2011-08-30 13:57:01 [INFO] [Superbuilder] <dmhiston>: AHHHHH

A few months later the server needed another Moderator. Coupled with bear4lyfe's recomendation (a moderator at the time) and a few others approvals, Lostwave decided it should be DM.

2011-11-30 08:41:20 [INFO] [Owner] <Lostwave>: hey dm.
2011-11-30 08:41:22 [INFO] [Moderator] <~Bear>: lost said hed brb
2011-11-30 08:41:24 [INFO] [Moderator] <~Bear>: there he is
2011-11-30 08:41:26 [INFO] [Superbuilder] <dmhiston>: hi
2011-11-30 08:41:36 [INFO] [Moderator] <~Bear>: promotion in 5
2011-11-30 08:41:38 [INFO] [Moderator] <~Bear>: 4
2011-11-30 08:41:40 [INFO] [Moderator] <~Bear>: 3
2011-11-30 08:41:42 [INFO] [Moderator] <~Bear>: 2
2011-11-30 08:41:44 [INFO] [Moderator] <~Bear>: 1
2011-11-30 08:41:47 [INFO] [Moderator] <~Bear>: now!!
2011-11-30 08:41:51 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] bear4lyfe: /list  
2011-11-30 08:41:57 [INFO] [Superbuilder] <dmhiston>: lol?
2011-11-30 08:41:57 [INFO] [Moderator] <~Bear>: d'aww
2011-11-30 08:42:03 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] bear4lyfe: /list  
2011-11-30 08:42:10 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] bear4lyfe: /list  
2011-11-30 08:42:14 [INFO] [Moderator] <~Bear>: guess hes busy
2011-11-30 08:42:19 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] dmhiston: /warp build 
2011-11-30 08:42:24 [INFO] User dmhiston has been promoted to Moderator group on default ladder by lostwave
2011-11-30 08:42:32 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] bear4lyfe: /list  
2011-11-30 08:42:34 [INFO] [Moderator] <~Bear>: there we go
2011-11-30 08:42:38 [INFO] [Moderator] <~Bear>: gratz dm
2011-11-30 08:42:40 [INFO] [Moderator] <~Bear>: :D
2011-11-30 08:42:44 [INFO] [Moderator] <dmhiston>: so lost we cant build in the old world anymore?
2011-11-30 08:42:51 [INFO] [Owner] <Lostwave>: nope
2011-11-30 08:42:56 [INFO] [Moderator] <dmhiston>: k
2011-11-30 08:43:02 [INFO] [Moderator] <dmhiston>: thanks for promo :D
2011-11-30 08:43:28 [INFO] [Moderator] <~Bear>: so i went over everything with u dm, if u have any questions tho, let me know
2011-11-30 08:43:40 [INFO] [Moderator] <dmhiston>: ok bear
2011-11-30 08:43:53 [INFO] [Citizen] <groenbek>: Okey..... what did DM do to be a mod ? :D
2011-11-30 08:43:57 [INFO] [Moderator] <dmhiston>: its strange to see my name in purple

Another few months later, dmhiston probably got bored a bit and wanted to become a Retired but Lostwave talked to him and later dmhiston became an Operator.

See some of dmhiston's builds