Warp Store

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There have been many stores over the years at Lostwave. The very first store consisted of a bunch of chests placed by Lostwave that contained basic building materials, like Stone, Glass, Brick, Steps etc. It was located in a cave near 150,-35 on the map. It was kind of a pain for him however as he had to constantly refill the chests.

Once Bukkit came online the chests were replaced with free signs thanks to our essentials plug in. This was also when the /Warp Store warp was first used.

Shortly after, noticing that a lot of people liked building pixel art, Lostwave built the first art store located directly across from Spawn1 and it is still there.

Once Spawn3 was built, a larger store was created there.

Finally when Spawn4 came online our most complete store ever was created. It contains nearly all raw materials so users can craft pretty much anything.

The store from Spawn4 was then copied over to Spawn5 when Calypso came online.