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08/05/2012 03:44 PM by Billiwill_Goatus
Permission for Donation
Hi! Billiwill Goatus here. I want to donate to the server but I don't know if my parents will let me. I will donate with my own money. I want to donate because this is an awesome server. Any ideas on how to convince them if they say no? Also, for those who donated, how did you convince your parents to let you donate? One more thing. Where do I donate? Thanks for taking the time to read this.

04/28/2013 01:15 AM by wolfeye45
Re: Permission for Donation
maby say that you will pay them back
06/24/2013 02:43 PM by PHONKEYMONKEY
Re: Permission for Donation
tell them you will pay them back ^ and ask when there in a good mood tell them some goes to charity to (it really does)
04/27/2013 01:10 PM by wolfeye45
lostwave ban
Hi im wolfeye45 i was banned for breaking blocks on another plot im truly generally sorry if i could be given 1 more chance please im terribly ashamed please reply I just am feeling horrid '''' 

06/24/2013 02:42 PM by PHONKEYMONKEY
Re: lostwave ban
i know how you feel i got banned for a while for advertising i was about to cry about it i would never play minecraft after that until i got unbanned
05/16/2013 11:41 PM by Elenovski
Unbanning the player Elenovski
Hey guys its me Elenovski i was banned for griefing the player frankjp302 he was a friend of mine on the server and in real life after he was banned he told me at school i could do whatever i wanted with his home and because of that Lord_South thought i was griefing for the fun of it anyway i hope you guys will unban me so i can see all my friends again i really miss you all-Elenovski
06/24/2013 02:40 PM by PHONKEYMONKEY
Re: Unbanning the player Elenovski
i agree pls unbann him