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FKae86 is our server operator. He has been with us since April 5th 2011. 

2011-04-05 16:38:59 INFO FKae86 has logged in for the first time. 

At the beginning he didnt know a thing about servers. He was used to Vanilla or survival mode. He started building everything manually and never asked for any help. After he found out that there is a store where he could get free items he got pretty mad.

He quickly climbed the ranks going from Guest to Citizen to Superbuilder by building awesome things all over the server. 

2011-05-07 09:41:59 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] vonhagen: /msg fkae you are now a super builder, you can spawn stuff yourself with /i <item>

He couldnt even enjoy the Superbuilder post because he was right after that voted to become a Moderator

2011-05-16 08:06:37 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Lostwave: /msg fkae you won moderator vote... you want to be moderator?
2011-05-16 08:08:38 [INFO] [Superbuilder] <FKae86>: was a message to me?
2011-05-16 08:08:52 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Lostwave: /r you won the vote.  Do you want to be the moderator?
2011-05-16 08:09:15 [INFO] [Superbuilder] <FKae86>: Of course...
2011-05-16 08:09:32 [INFO] [Owner] <Lostwave>: Welcome our newest moderator!
2011-05-16 08:09:37 [INFO] [Moderator] <FKae86>: but, i didnt see any vote? im confuused..
2011-05-16 08:09:49 [INFO] [Moderator] <FKae86>: wow,,

Shortly after that Lostwave decided that FK showed promise and could be trusted so he promoted him to Operator to give him a "little" more permissions. He become the most useful and helpful person on the server. But occasionally he has had weak moments because an Operators job isnt easy.

2011-07-28 10:02:58 [INFO] [Operator] FKae86: hey
2011-07-28 10:03:02 [INFO] [Operator] FKae86: wow
2011-07-28 10:03:03 [INFO] [Superbuilder] great_danexx: =o
2011-07-28 10:03:05 [INFO] [Operator] FKae86: wtf?
2011-07-28 10:03:19 [INFO] [Superbuilder] great_danexx: what happened here
2011-07-28 10:03:26 [INFO] [Superbuilder] great_danexx: on this fateful day?
2011-07-28 10:03:27 [INFO] [Citizen] diamondmario: yeah
2011-07-28 10:03:30 [INFO] [Operator] FKae86: haha
2011-07-28 10:03:38 [INFO] [Operator] FKae86: lost is totaly wrong
2011-07-28 10:03:38 [INFO] [Superbuilder] great_danexx: hey captain
2011-07-28 10:03:41 [INFO] [Operator] FKae86: a)

He lives somewhere in Europe in some country called Czech Republic. He is 20 years old and studies in college. He doesn't have much time to play, even tho he spends almost all his free time on the server being the second most active person on the server right behind monkeynac.

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