About the server

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This page is a little bit of information about the server.

First off, Lostwave is generally what would be called a freebuild server. The main activity on Lostwave is to build fantastic structures.

There is no economy, everything is free. You can /warp store to visit the store and get any items you need for free. Anything that isn't in there can be crafted. For crafting instructions go to Minecraft Wiki.

We have a custom Texture Pack. Please use it. We have substituted a lot of blocks to allow for more creative builds. Things will look strange if you don't use it.

We also have a map to help you get your bearings. Its at http://moosedish.es:8123

A couple of things to note...
Our main world is called Calypso. Here is where we build. To keep griefing to a minimum we have 3 main build areas. The Wild West is where guests can build. Cascadia and Olympia is where Citizens can build. You cannot build anywhere else. If you want to just build, type /warp build.

The main rule on this server is be nice! We do not tolerate childish, rude or mean behavior. Nor griefing.

We also do have some PVP areas at /warp pvp and /warp arena. Feel free to join in.

Your moderators are here to help you. If you have any questions, first read the rules then ask a moderator. They will do their best to help.

Thanks, and enjoy.