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Lostwave Minecraft Server



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Below are all the rules for the Lostwave Minecraft Server.

Ignorance of these rules is no excuse.

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Bannable Offences

Griefing of any sort: This includes breaking any blocks that someone else placed, touching any chests that aren't yours, basically touching anything that belongs to anyone else.

Single Block Towers: No single block towers to the sky. They are ugly and annoying. If you want to build one to get a better view, go for it, but you better break it before you leave it, or you will be banned.

Asking for a promotion: Don't do it! Go to Levels and read up. Asking will not help.

Inappropriate Behavior: Inappropriate behavior or language is not tolerated. Act like you would act in front of your best friends parents on this server. We try to be mature and friendly on here. If you don't help, you will be banned.

Rude Builds: No cursing, no racist text or symbols, no nudity or pornography will be tolderated.

3 Kicks: If you get kicked 3 times for bad behavior you will be banned. This does NOT include AFK kicks.

Your Server: Do not ever advertise your server. If you are ever caught asking someone to leave this server to go to another server, you will be banned. We have lost some great members because of this. Just don't do it. This is rude to everyone on the server and will not be tolerated.

Kickable Offences

Client Mods: Client mods just are not allowed, ever. No fly hack, no blockbreak hack, nothing. The only thing you are allowed to use is a texture pack, and then it should be the Lostwave Texture Pack. You will be warned, then banned.

CAPS: Don't use caps, its rude and annoying. It makes it look like you are shouting. You will be kicked then banned if you do it too much.

Foul Language: This is a PG-13 server, please refrain from using foul language. We all do it once in a while, so its not a bannable offence, but it is kickable. If you curse too much, you will be banned.

Attitude: Keep a good attitude. Be courteous to everyone, especially moderators. No whining, no complaining, no crybaby garbage. Have fun and play, if you are in a bad mood, go somewhere else.

Redstone Loops: All redstone creations must have an off switch, and anything that pulses indefinitely must be destroyed after playing with it. This lags the server and will not be tolerated.

Your Server: Don't mention your server. And NO, Lostwave will not help you setup your server. It is ridiculous how many people ask for help with their servers, its not Lostwave's job to setup your server, he set's up his own and that is enough work for him. Now a little hidden jem. If you are trying to become citizen, just to show you have read this far. Say the word Ween in your Citizen request post in the forum just to prove to us you read every word of this.

Pets: You are not allowed to Hoarde pets. No more than 3 pets allowed. The server has to keep track of the pets and follow you around. This causes lag. It would be best if you had no pets at all. But because we are a friendly server, you can have up to 3.

Thats about it. Have fun!