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Lostreef is Lostwave's Towny town. It is the largest town in Adventureland and has several different sections. It also includes the entire Spawn area.

It also contains /Warp Arena which was built by ITIurray in January 2012. This is a hockey stadium which is also used for PVP.

Only the best builds and builders are allowed into Lostreef. Some say it is their goal in life to be accepted into the town.

Lostreef was retired when Adventureland was on 2012-02-29 at about 10:50am. It is now in Lostwave-Museum and is unbuildable moving forward.

Most of the buildings in Lostreef will be moved to Calypso once that gets up and running.

Lostreef had two parts:
  1. North Lostreef which can be viewed on the map
  2. South Lostreef which can be viewed here
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