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Modified on 01/31/2012 09:58 AM by Lostwave Categorized as Moderators, Users
KillerPolarBear is our oldest active user, besides Lostwave. He first joined on 2011-03-31 18:36:06.

KillerPolarBear was also our first Moderator. Promoted around April 2nd 2011.
2011-04-02 14:53:50 [INFO] [Owner] Lostwave: It is done.  We have our first moderator.

Here was one of his earliest activities as Moderator:
2011-04-05 19:26:47 [INFO] KillerPolarBear logged in with entity id 545427
2011-04-05 19:26:50 [INFO] [Moderator] <KillerPolarBear>: back 
2011-04-05 19:26:53 [INFO] [Citizen] <t3hgraemek>: is anybody here 
2011-04-05 19:26:57 [INFO] [Citizen] <musicmages>: wb 
2011-04-05 19:26:59 [INFO] [Citizen] <xRespawnTime>: hi pollar 
2011-04-05 19:27:19 [INFO] [Citizen] <mazdarmc>: can u un proteced a house 
2011-04-05 19:27:32 [INFO] [Moderator] <KillerPolarBear>: depends 
2011-04-05 19:27:34 [INFO] [Moderator] <KillerPolarBear>: is it urs? 
2011-04-05 19:27:41 [INFO] [Citizen] <mazdarmc>: yes 
2011-04-05 19:27:45 [INFO] [Moderator] <KillerPolarBear>: maybe 
2011-04-05 19:27:57 [INFO] [Citizen] <mazdarmc>: can u /warp north 
2011-04-05 19:28:09 [INFO] [Moderator] <KillerPolarBear>: i dunno how to protect things :P