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PREVENTS all forms of grief, including build/break, theft, spam, fire, and treetops! Stop responding to grief and prevent it instead! Solve your grief problems without managing a roster of trained administrators, without juggling 10 different plugins, and without publishing a user manual or adding a pile of explanatory signs to your world. Optionally, integrate PvP elements into build design to finally get a PvP experience befitting a sandbox game about creativity.

Grief Prevention stops grief before it starts automatically without any effort from administrators, and with very little (self service) effort from players. It's time to solve the grief problem, and this plugin will take you there.

In The Wild West Guests can build anywhere, and in Cascadia Citizens can build anywhere. But to protect your claim so no one can grief you, you need to make a claim.

Players use a golden shovel to claim an area of the world, wherein other players can't build, break, open containers, use crafting blocks, injure animals, or trample crops. Because other players also can't use buttons or switches, an iron door with a button or switch can prevent others from even entering certain areas. Claims are also protected from flowing water/lava, and explosions of all kinds.

Players start with a maximum size of 25x25 for their claims, and earn more claim blocks with play time, 1000 Claim Blocks per hour played. Claim Blocks are like money to buy new land. Initially you have 1000 claim blocks, that is about 31x31 blocks, or 25x40 or 10x100 or whatever shape you want. So if you have played for 10 hours, you will be able to protect an 11,000 block area. This is huge, about 100x100.

To protect new players from being victimized by griefers, an initial claim of 25x25 blocks is automatically created the first time a player places a chest. Thus even players who don't know how to use the golden shovel have a reasonable amount of protection against theft and vandalism. So when you start playing, just place a chest in a nice open area, and your claim will be protected. Your claim will protect from 10 blocks below the chest, all the way up to the sky.

As a player digs or builds underneath his claim, his claim automatically sinks lower with him. Thus, mine shafts and basements are safe from grief.

Players may grant friends access to containers, crafting blocks, and iron doors while preventing block changes, or complete access to allow for cooperative building.

A player may create multiple claims. "Artists" can use multiple claims to create several appealing builds, and keep them all protected. Multiple claims can even be created so that they touch for efficient protection of non-rectangular areas.

For advanced players with large claims, there's also the option to "subdivide" claims into smaller pieces, for example to create residential plots in a town, or to control access to fields, workshops, and other builds independently of the rest of the claim.

Fire does not spread or destroy blocks, and may only be placed on obsidian (to create a portal), or nether rack (for decorative purposes).

Chat and command spammers are automatically warned, then automatically banned if they persist. Login/logout spam is blocked by a login cooldown.

PVP is disallowed everywhere except our arenas at /warp pvp and /warp arena plus eventually a few other key locations.

If a player leaves a tree partially cut (with the top hanging in the air), it will be automatically removed later and replaced with a sapling. This should effectively protect your forests from both the laziness of sloppy players and intentional griefing.

When you place your first chest, you'll get an automatic land claim around the chest. Place other valuable blocks nearby to ensure they're protected. You can use a piece of string (right-click) to check where exactly the boundaries of your claim are. They show up as Gold Blocks and Glowstone.

When you get a golden shovel, you can claim more land by using the shovel (right click) at opposite corners of the area to be claimed. Use /abandonclaim to delete a claim you own, or /abandonallclaims to delete all your claims at once.

The simple claim sharing command is /trust, which gives another player build access to your claim. /accesstrust grants access to ONLY buttons and switches, while /containertrust permits a player to access your claim and additionally open your containers (chests, etc) and use your crafting equipment. Use /untrust to revoke any granted permissions.

You can permit another player to share his permission level with others by using /permissiontrust. That player can't resize or delete your claim or use /permissiontrust on your behalf, but you should use this command sparingly because you may soon find that many strangers can access your claim. To clear away all permissions for all players in your claim, use /untrust all.

When you log out, you'll be credited additional claim blocks based on the amount of time you were playing on the server. You can spend those blocks when you log back in. To "expand" an existing claim, just use your shovel at the corner you want to move, then use your shovel again at the new location for that corner.

For you advanced users out there, claims may be subdivided so that you may manage permissions for different areas of your claim (think workshops, fields, and residential plots) separately. To get started, use /subdivideclaims. You may resize subdivisions just like you resize your top level claim, and can delete a subdivision by standing inside it and using /abandonclaim. To "evict" a tenant and all the friends he may have shared permissions with, use /untrust all.