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Lostwave Minecraft Server



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The directional warps have been in place since the beginning of this server, well as early as bukkit.

Initially they are all around what is now /warp center, 500 blocks from center in each direction in First Lostwave World.

When Adventureland was created, they were moved there, but 1000 blocks from 0,0.

When The Second Lostwave world was created, they were moved there at 1000 blocks.

When Calypso comes online the directional warps will be moved there. This will be the first time they aren't a set number of blocks from the center (0,0), they will be 1000 blocks from the center of Cascadia, which will be 0,5000E Cascadia will also contain all the directional warps the server has always had, these are:
  • /warp north
  • /warp south
  • /warp east
  • /warp west
  • /warp northeast
  • /warp northwest
  • /warp southeast
  • /warp southwest