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Citizen is the most common level. After you play for a while and show that you are a good, friendly user, you will become Citizen-Newbie. Then after a good bit more time of proving yourself you will be come Citizen. It usually takes 4 hours playtime to go from Guest to Citizen-Newbie and about 48 hours to get to Citizen. Most people will never get past Citizen, which is fine as it is the level where you can do most things. If you play a lot and are kind to your fellow users, you will achieve this level and enjoy the server. Citizen-Newbie and Citizen have identical permissions, they are only different to show who has been on for a little while vs. who has been on for a long time.

Below are a list of your commands:

  1. /afk - Marks you as away from the keyboard.
  2. /compass - Displays your current bearing in the world.
  3. /depth - Displays your current block depth in relation to sea-level.
  4. /getpos - Displays your current coordinate location in the world.
  5. /ignore - Ignore a player, their chats won't show up for you anymore.
  6. /kit - Gives you items in the kit. Current kits are tools, wood, stone, exotics, light, bow, redstone, food
  7. /mail - Allows you to send & receive mail from other players on the server. Used for messaging players who are offline.
  8. /me - Emotes a message from you. /me is swimming shows "*Lostwave is swimming" in the chat.
  9. /msg - Sends a private to the specified.
  10. /ping - pings the server.
  11. /sethome - Creates a new home location named
  12. /suicide - Kills yourself. Sometimes helps if you are stuck somewhere. But there are better ways to go about it. Or you could try one of those hotlines
  13. /tpa - Asks a user permission to teleport to them. They will either /tpaccept or /tpdeny you.
  14. /tpahere - Asks a user permission to teleport to you. They will either /tpaccept or /tpdeny you.
  15. /warp - Warps to the specified . If you just type /warp it will show you a list of warps.
  16. /res - Residence Commands. Please click the link for the reference.
  17. /stats - view your server statistics.
  18. /towny, /town, /resident - Towny Commands. Please see the link for more information.

Plus Citizens also have all the commands that a Guest has.