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Cascadia is our main build area on the server, it is located on the Eastern portion of Calypso and is where our Citizens build. Guests are not allowed to build here ever and probably won't even come here. The purpose of this is to keep the rif raff out and just have trusted Citizens have a nice safe place to build.

Keep in mind, as with the Wild West, builds that aren't protected here will occasionally be deleted to allow for more building space.

Cascadia is initially 3000x3000 blocks and will grow as necessary. It is located at 2500 S, 4000 E on the map and can be reached by taking the appropriate train, or by typing /warp Cascadia.

Cascadia will also contain all the Directional Warps the server has always had, these are:
  • /warp north
  • /warp south
  • /warp east
  • /warp west
  • /warp northeast
  • /warp northwest
  • /warp southeast
  • /warp southwest