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Lostwave Minecraft Server



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Backup entire folder to Minecraft 1.1.

Copy Adventureland to Lostwave-Museum

Setup Residence in Lostwave-Museum * Build: False * Claim: False * Everything: False

Make Spawn Temporarily at LostwaveMuseum Spawn4 (copy of Adventureland /spawn)

Bring Lostwave-Museum Online.

Create new World Calypso

Setup Residence in Calypso.
  • Create temporary spawn around 0,0
  • Build: False
  • Setup The Wild West at 0, 5000W, 3000x3000 in size
    • (1500N, 6500W to 1500S, 3500W)
    • /warp build at 0,5000W
  • Setup Cascadia at 0, 5000E, 4000x4000 in size
    • (2000N, 3000E to 2000S, 7000W)
    • /warp Cascadia at 0,5000E
    • /warp North at 1000N, 5000E
    • /warp South at 1000S, 5000E
    • /warp East at 0, 6000E
    • /warp West at 0, 4000E
    • /warp NorthEast at 1000N, 6000E
    • /warp NorthWest at 1000N, 4000E
    • /warp SouthEast at 1000S, 6000E
    • /warp SouthWest at 1000S, 4000E
  • Add Signs to /warp build and Cascadia to include a mention of the Grief Prevention chest.

Move Dynmapweb

Bring Calypso Online as only world

Copy New Lostwave to Lostwave-Museum

Bring Lostwave-Museum online

Fix /warp build5 and /warp build6 in their new locations.

Create new spawn in Calypso at /warp center (0,0)