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On 2012-02-29 at about 10am, Lostwave temporarily copied spawn5 to New Lostwave so he could take Adventureland offline for the final time.

On 2012-02-29 at about 11am, Adventureland was retired. Lostwave copied most of it to Lostwave-Museum, which took hours.

On 2012-03-01 at 10:40am, Lostwave brought Calypso online for the first time. He brought it up on a different server so he could properly setup spawn etc. Lostwave, DMHiston and FKae86 spent the better part of the day working on the new spawn.

On 2012-03-02 sometime during the night the server crashed, not only did it crash, but it brought down the whole computer with it... proving that MC 1.2 isn't ready for primetime. Which is fine, it gives us more time to build out spawn. We again spent a good bit of time preparing spawn. We feel like people will really like it... we do at least.

Calypso came online on 2012-03-05.

Calypso does NOT allow building just anywhere. Building is limited to certain areas.
The areas of Calypso are as follows.
  • Spawn: Here people can able to read the rules, PVP in the arena and get supplies in the store. Our best builds will be located here. map
  • The Wild West is where guests go to build, its also our /warp build. Griefing will happen here and Admins will not be fixing griefs here. We will still ban bad griefers, but in general, it is a frontier land and pretty much anything can happen. Don't worry, however, as you can protect your land with Grief Prevention. map
  • Cascadia, Rainier and Olympia are where Citizens and above build. Griefing is not tolerated here, and because only Citizens can build here, griefing will be minimal. map

  • There are other Towns around the world where only certain people can build. The only people who will be given a town will be Superbuilders and above. The towns will be required to have a theme and all builds within the town need to follow that theme. For example, ITIurray1's Arena would not be in a town that is all medieval castles. Materials should also be similar within these towns.

All of these areas will be connected by our train system with the towns interspersed here and there.

The following plugins will be removed:
  • Towny
  • Questioner
  • Residence will be kept, but not usable by anyone but Lostwave. This will just be used to disallow building in the wilderness as well as allow building in the above towns.
  • iConomy
  • Big Brother

While offline all of Lostwave will be moved to Lostwave Museum. All of your /home locations in this world will be broken, so make sure you know where your homes are relative to /warp build5 or /warp build. You will probably have to walk to your house and reset your homes. Please /delhome to delete any homes you don't need anymore. Lostwave can probably help you find a home if you are really lost, but please try to find it on your own. Practice your routes now before the new world is created.

Next thing that will happen is certain active Adventureland towns will be moved over to Lostwave Museum.

Another big change, is that in Calypso, the only banned materials will be TNT and Spawner Eggs. People can use Water, Fire, Buckets etc. Firespread will be turned off, but you will be able to place fire in your claims.

We hope you enjoy Calypso, hopefully we can keep this world around for a long time.

Lostwave's Calypso Setup instructions (please don't edit it).