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Adventureland was created by Lostwave and FKae86 in the middle of September using 1.8 vanilla server. The regular server was kept up during this time and they worked on a second server to build this without affecting other users. We then implemented bukkit 1.8 and added towny to the new world. We brought the new world online on September 15th.

Adventureland began with 4 main areas.

2011-09-15 14:07:43 INFO-Loading World & Settings - 'Adventureland'

The old world Lostwave was kept around and continued to function as a freebuild area

/warp build was still at our 2nd build spot, /warp build2 in the Lostwave world.

Towny wasn't a very big hit. The idea is great, but its too confusing for most users so it never really took off. The only users who really embraced it are Lostwave and FrozenFatPig. Therefore the only towns that really grew are Lostreef and Pigsville.

Most other users just chose to build in the Lostwave and Lostwave 2.0 worlds because it was easier than using towny.

On 2012-02-29 at about 10:50am, Lostwave shut down the server and took Adventureland offline for good. Its contents were moved to the North side of Lostwave-Museum and can be viewed on the the map
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